• December 24, 2020
  • Finally! It’s that time of the year.

    It’s December and the festival season has begun. Yes, Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is in a festive mood. People celebrate Christmas with great zest and enthusiasm all over the world. People in different countries celebrate Christmas differently. Christmas celebrations amongst Canadians are also quite diverse; some have entirely secular celebrations, some religious, and some both.

    Let us look at how you can celebrate Christmas in Canada.

    On Christmas day, 25th December, people in Canada like to sit together with their families to wine and dine and exchange Christmas presents. Usually, there’s roasted turkey with all the trimmings like mashed potatoes, vegetables and eggnog followed by some scrumptious desserts such as fruit cake, mincemeat tarts and plum pudding. Many Canadians like to leave home and brave the cold for a feast and some shopping, but in these pandemic times, food delivery in swift current along with more online shopping is probably the best suitable option.

    Canadians love decorating their house with Christmas trees, lights, and other decorative items. Often there are Christmas stockings hung by the chimney, for Santa grant the wish. Christmas crackers are also popular with many people in Canada.

    Christmas in Canada is a total delight.

    One of the largest and oldest Santa Clause parades in the world happens in Toronto. It started over 100 years back and now is a massive event with over 2000 people taking part in it. Not sure if the same will go on this year as well due to the outbreak of a pandemic, but food delivery in swift current can come as a saviour to celebrate Christmas in Canada.

    There’s the tradition of Belsnickeling on the south shore of Nova Scotia over Christmas. People dress up in funny Santa outfits singing and playing instruments and go from door to door until the house owner guesses who the person is. It is especially famous in West and East Green Harbour.

    Some people in Northern Canada also plan a Taffy Pull allowing single women to find their most eligible single men. Quite interesting, right?

    A lot of families in Canada have cookie-baking parties. They bring the recipe of their version of Christmas cookies, bake them together and then exchange them with the other families present in the cookie-baking party. At the end of the cookie-baking session, each family returns home with a wide range of cookies to celebrate to enjoy over the Christmas season.

    Apart from all the traditional aspects of celebrating Christmas in Canada, there is a fun fact also. Canada grows a lot of Christmas trees and exports over 2 million Christmas trees to over 20 countries, including Thailand and France.

    So, if you can’t celebrate Christmas in Canada, you might as well take a little piece of the country with you.


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