• September 2, 2020
  • In our tiresome everyday lives, instant delivery of good food is something that brings out our happy sides instantly. And with food delivery service in swift current, eating our favourite food from the comfort of our homes has become so much easier. As soon as the weekend hits, we often find ourselves searching through Google Maps for ‘restaurants near me now’. Amid other, more popular cuisines, Canadian cuisine is ranking top of the charts these days for its delectable flavours and lip-smacking recipes.

    You can easily order online from a wide range of famous Canadian recipes and experience the exotic essence of Canadian cooking from anywhere in the world. But many people don’t know that the recipes that they are enjoying are of Canadian origin. Today, let’s build up your knowledge bank related to some renowned Canadian dishes. So the next time you sit down to eat these eight awesome foods, do not forget to yell ‘God bless Canada’!

    1.  Bannock

    Bannock - delicious, dense bread

    You must have tried different versions of this delicious, dense bread, but do you know it’s originally from Canada? In fact, its traditional recipe included a plant ‘camas’ instead of rice flour.

    2.  Poutine

    Poutine - The amalgamation of French fries, squeaky cheese curds and gravy make it a showstopper recipe.

    A lot of times when you search for the ‘best restaurants near me’, this Canadian dish is on your mind. The amalgamation of French fries, squeaky cheese curds and gravy make it a showstopper recipe in several restaurants.

    3.  Fiddleheads

    Remember relishing the splendid taste of fiddleheads (boiled, steamed and baked baby ferns that are harvested in the early spring) for the first time? Yes, this recipe is Canadian.

    4.  Saskatoon Berry Pie

    Using the authentic Saskatoon berries (featuring a fresh flavour and an enticing blueberry-like purplish-blue colour), this berry pie is a heavenly Canadian dessert.

    5.  Montreal Bagels

    Specially baked in a wood-fired oven, Montreal Bagels are smaller and thinner than the regular bagels (with larger than regular holes in the middle). Their dough includes honey and egg, which makes them an irresistible, sweet Canadian dish.

    6.  Kraft Dinner

    This Canadian food is renowned by its American name ‘Kraft Mac & Cheese’. It is an over-processed Canadian staple that is a must-have in every kitchen cupboard. This delicious noodle meal tastes complete with ketchup.

    7.  Dill Pickle and Ketchup Chips

    Chips are our all-time favourite but all-dressed, dill pickle and ketchup chips are truly, a party starter. Even after our mouths and fingers are dyed red, we can’t stop munching them. These chip flavours are one hundred per cent Canadian.

    8.  Nanaimo Bar

    Named after the British Columbian region Nanaimo, the Nanaimo bar is a sweet, chocolate square. This delicious, no-bake bar is filled with buttery custard to pamper your taste buds the Canadian way.

    Lakes and mountains are all OK. But doesn’t food feel like the foremost reason instantly to visit Canada? Up until we plan our trip to Canada, let’s keep enjoying amazing Canadian dishes, all thanks to the abundant food delivery options we have today. Already searching for ‘restaurants that deliver near me’?

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