• August 27, 2020
  • Exclusive food from the comfort of your home feels like the best innovation that technology has gifted us. The fact that ‘restaurants that deliver near me’ and ‘restaurants near me now’ are few of the top searches on Google Maps is enough to prove our point.

    On one hand, food delivery enables the foodies to relish meals from their favourite restaurants without having to go there; and on the other, it allows the food joints to expand their profit margins. It also creates more employment opportunities in the market for food delivery staff. All these factors combined effectively bring the food delivery service in swift current.

    Although ordering food online is already easy, convenient and quick, trends keep moulding every industry and the food delivery industry is no different. Here are some hot trends that are expected to transform the food delivery industry for good:

    1.   Pleasing the New Generation

    The new generation, including the millennials and post-millennials, are proven to spend the highest on prepared food to accommodate their fast-paced lifestyles. Hence, they are the priority audience for instant food delivery services. Considering its bigger spending power and ever-demanding nature, the players in the food delivery industry are all set to target the millennial generation. Their expectations like instant delivery, one-step checkout, effortless ordering and gamification are expected to come to life soon.

    2.   New Delivery Options

    The food industry giants are dedicated to making the magic happen. To keep their customers amused, they are trying every new way possible to make food deliveries. In fact, some of these options are more cost-effective than the conventional labour force. Be amazed to receive your favourite food via drones, parachutes, and even robots. So, the next time you search for the ‘best restaurants near me’, do not forget to try a new, more exciting delivery option.

    3.   Modern Delivery Channels

    A complex online food ordering system is synonymous to unsatisfactory customer experience, which makes the food delivery companies lose business. To simplify the process of ordering food online, they are planning to bring in new delivery channels like social media (like twitter), smart devices (including watches and TVs), virtual assistants and cars. This will allow the users to order from multiple platforms according to their own comfort.

    4.   Experimenting with Other Niches

    Usually, food delivery services focus only on one special niche (for example vegan specials, burgers only or just farm-grown food). Embracing a new niche and introducing it to the food delivery market has helped many businesses become successful. Some new niches that are gaining traction rapidly and are thus expected to come out more commonly are Canadian food, virtual kitchens, pet food, and apps to fight food waste.

    5.   Data Collection

    Big data is an inseparable part of the process of making the food delivery industry as efficient as possible. It implies collecting and processing useful details like road traffic encountered while delivery, the impact of temperature on food, customer’s purchasing history, and food items added in a bag. Through this data, the food delivery companies can create a better user experience for the customers.


    When the competition gets tougher, the tougher gets going! Thus, innovation is inevitable to offer a delightful customer experience. So, just sit back and keep ordering online to enjoy tastier food in a better, faster and cheaper way.


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